Monday, April 28, 2008



Often the documentation and concepts behind certain pieces of artwork are more interesting than the exhibition itself. This was certainly the case at the show at Espace Mobile on lower Boulevard St. Laurent, curated by Vox, who brought us the Month of Photography Festival. There was a whole loft where one could examine documentation about the artists and the ideas behind their work. There was a computer you could consult for background material and books, sketches and other creations that could be handled and explored at leisure. I spent hours there.
The exhibition itself was also interesting but it is the ideas behind it that makes it so strong. One of my favourites was by a Belgian Christoph Fink who systematically documented poetic walks he did in various parts of the world. He created his own maps and jotted down his impressions at the time. It could be something overheard, the weather, something he saw. Below is a porcelain piece based on one of his walks.

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