Monday, April 28, 2008


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Another artist did research on the wife of an historical figure, Lady Simcoe, who appeared to have painted very bad landscapes. The artist paints in the style of this woman and gives the canvasses away when she is finished.
A darkened room held an old wooden armchair of the type contained in an old fashioned office. It has a sliding metal thing in the arm that is hard to resist touching to see if it does anything. When one slides it forward, one is bombarded by sounds of a city street: such a contrast to the almost sensory deprivation of silence in the dark.

The housing market is a strange area to explore in art. Artist Gilbert Boyer, who often applies text in unique ways, this time used photos to mirror the housing market, its supply and demand. Viewers were invited to buy photographs –the first few at a reasonable price – but as supply dwindles, prices rise. That was my take on it anyway although I’m useless at finance. I was going to buy a photo but I missed out on the cheap ones and bought a catalogue instead.

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